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SE-1023 32A 3PIN Multi-Socket IP4 4

Enhance your electrical setup with the SE-1023 32A 3PIN Multi-Socket IP44. Designed for durability and efficiency, this multi-socket is ideal for industrial and outdoor applications, ensuring reliable power distribution in challenging environments.

Upgrade your power distribution capabilities with the SE-1023 32A 3PIN Multi-Socket IP44. Engineered for robust performance, this socket is crafted to withstand the rigors of industrial and outdoor settings, providing secure and efficient power distribution where it’s needed most.

Featuring a sturdy IP44-rated housing, the SE-1023 ensures protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for outdoor use even in adverse weather conditions. The 32A 3PIN configuration supports high-current applications, facilitating the connection of heavy-duty equipment and machinery with ease.

Designed with user safety and convenience in mind, the SE-1023 includes multiple 3-pin outlets, allowing simultaneous connections for various devices or tools. Each socket is carefully insulated to prevent accidental contact and ensure reliable performance over prolonged use.

Whether you’re managing a construction site, workshop, or outdoor event, the SE-1023 32A 3PIN  offers peace of mind and efficiency in power distribution. Trust this versatile solution to deliver consistent performance and durability, backed by quality construction and compliance with industry standards.

Equip your workspace with the SE-1023 32A 3PIN Multi-Socket IP44 and experience enhanced reliability and safety in powering your operations. Ideal for professional environments where reliability and durability are paramount, this multi-socket is your dependable partner in efficient electrical distribution.


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