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COB61A Pendant Station

Introducing the COB61A Pendant Station is a durable, high-performance control device designed for industrial applications. Featuring a robust IP65-rated enclosure, ergonomic design, and reliable push-button controls, this product ensures precise and safe operation of cranes, hoists, and machinery. Ideal for demanding environments, the COB61A offers unparalleled reliability and ease of use.

COB61A Pendant Station is a robust, industrial-grade control unit designed for efficient operation in hoisting and crane systems. Featuring an ergonomic design and durable construction, this product offers intuitive control with its easy-to-press buttons, ensuring seamless operation even in harsh environments.

It is equipped with up to 8 single-speed push buttons, sturdy housing made from high-impact thermoplastic, and a water-resistant seal, meeting IP65 standards. The COB61A is an ideal choice for enhancing the safety and functionality of your lifting equipment.

Ensure precision and safety in your operations with the COB61A Pendant Station.


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