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Limit Switch SE-XCK-P121

Ensure precise operation and reliability with the LIMIT SWITCH SE-XCK-P121. Designed for industrial applications, this switch features a robust metal housing, a 1NO+1NC contact configuration, and a plunger actuator for accurate positioning. It operates at a voltage range of 240V AC, offering durability in harsh environments. The SE-XCK-P121 is suitable for automation systems, providing consistent performance and easy installation.

Enhance your industrial automation with the LIMIT SWITCH SE-XCK-P121, engineered for superior performance and longevity. This limit switch is meticulously designed to provide precise position detection in various industrial applications. Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the SE-XCK-P121 ensures exceptional durability and protection against mechanical impacts and harsh environmental conditions. The IP66-rated protection guarantees resistance to dust and powerful water jets, making it ideal for use in demanding environments.

SE-XCK-P121 boasts an impressive mechanical lifespan, withstanding up to 10 million operations. This high endurance makes it a dependable choice for applications requiring frequent actuation. Equipped with silver contacts, the limit switch provides excellent electrical conductivity and reliability. It operates at a voltage range of up to 240V AC, with a current rating of 6A, ensuring consistent and safe performance.

The compact design of the SE-XCK-P121 allows for versatile mounting configurations, accommodating various installation requirements. Its adjustable operating head further enhances its adaptability to different application needs. The SE-XCK-P121 complies with international standards, including IEC and UL, ensuring it meets stringent quality and safety requirements.

This limit switch is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications, including conveyor systems, material handling equipment, packaging machines, and more. Its robust design and reliable performance make it an essential component in automation systems that demand high precision and durability. Invest in the LIMIT SWITCH SE-XCK-P121 for a reliable, high-performance solution that meets your industrial automation needs with excellence and efficiency.


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